Garter Stitch Square Earrings
Garter Stitch Square Earrings
The Purple Raven Boutique

Garter Stitch Square Earrings

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When most people begin to knit, the first stitch they learn is the humble garter stitch.  I know my first project was a garter stitch pot holder in bulky hot pink yarn!  Garter stitch is unpretentious, but is widely used as it creates a sturdy knitted fabric. 

The Garter Stitch Square Earrings features garter stitch squares, set on the diagonal, knitted in sterling silver.  The earrings are suspended on sterling silver ear hooks and measure about 1.25 inches from the top of the ear wire to the bottom corner of the square.    

These earrings are simple enough for every day wear, but are anything but ordinary.  They also pay homage to those early knitting lessons and to the hand knitting tradition.

At The Purple Raven Boutique, every piece of jewelry tells a story.  Make one part of yours.

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