Evergreen Earrings (Post and Nugget Style)
The Purple Raven Boutique

Evergreen Earrings (Post and Nugget Style)

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My home of Bell Island rises 120 meters above the ocean, like a fortress.  There are only several places on the island where you can make landfall.  The rest of the island's edge are cliffs colored the hue of the iron rich rocks and soil.  The forests on Bell Island consist of mainly of evergreens - hardy balsam fir and spruce trees. Their deep green color contrasts with the color of the cliffs and the reddish iron-rich earth.  This contrast is most visible along the cliffs where the trees clutch precariously, almost defying gravity and the elements.

Presenting Evergreen  Earrings, inspired by these hardy evergreens, consist of rose gold-filled chainmail accents and nephrite jade beads, with the added security of posts and nuggets.  These earrings measure about 4 cm in total length.

At The Purple Raven Boutique, every piece of jewelry tells a story. Make one part of yours.

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