Partridgeberry Cluster Earrings (Post and nugget)
Partridgeberry Cluster Earrings (Post and nugget)
The Purple Raven Boutique

Partridgeberry Cluster Earrings (Post and nugget)

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Chainmail as a jewelry making technique has existed for centuries. The variety of weave patterns possible is part of its allure, many of which are steeped in history.  Byzantine chainmail gets its name from the Byzantine Empire which lasted about 1000 years.  The Byzantine weave is a durable and popular link pattern and lends itself well to a variety of jewelry pieces.

The arrival of autumn in Newfoundland is marked by the appearance of partridgeberries, their deep red color highlighted by the glossy dark green leaves of the plant on which they grow. These tart berries, best picked after the first frost, are often the last wild fruit that can be harvested before the snows.

These post earrings feature an inverted "Y" shaped piece of rose gold-filled chainmail in the Byzantine pattern, accented by columns of garnet and rose gold beads  They measure just over 5 cm in overall length.    

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