Constellation Collection

Since humanity's infancy, our eyes have been drawn to gaze at the night sky and the untold number of stars visible from wherever we looked.  At times, the stars have been a canvas for the creation of mythologies of untold numbers of cultures, a source of inspiration for artists, a navigational tool for explorers and the "final frontier" for scientists as humanity looks into space seeking evidence that we are not alone in the universe.  Throughout history they have remained a source of wonder and delight.

The Constellation Collection features constellations embroidered in precious wire on a wire knitted "fabric" background, accented with crystals or small natural stones.  The darkened metal background is symbolic of the mystery and meaning ascribed by humanity to the night sky.  The embroidery and accents echo the sparkle of some of storied constellations, grounding a little of their magic for those of us who live beneath their gaze.

This is a limited collection exclusive to The Purple Raven Boutique. 

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